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Luxury Private Yacht Charter in Bali

Day 1: Marina (Benoa Harbour) to Lombok

Step aboard your yacht in beautiful Bali and begin your adventure in Tenganan with a visit to the traditional Bali Aga village after a delicious lunch onboard. An overnight cruise towards Lombok will then take you across the famous ecological boundary, the ‘Wallace Line’.



Day 2: Lombok

Cruising to the Eastern shore of the island, your next stop will be Lombok where you will pay a visit to a traditional pottery centre and discover small local villages where residents will perform traditional dances for you.



Day 3: Satonda

Step onto the secluded island of Satonda and witness the stunning scenery of Crater Lake, a large marine lake at the heart of the collapsed volcano. At dusk, watch overhead as thousands of flying foxes litter the sky as they head into the night to feed. Sit back and enjoy the sunset as we travel east.



Day 4: Sumbawa Island, Bima

Wander around local markets on the island of Sumbawa and explore the highland villages while witnessing traditional dances including the famous ritual ‘adu kepala’, head-to-head combat.



Day 5: Komodo Island

Anchoring off Komodo Island, step ashore to encounter the world-famous Komodo Dragon for yourself as you explore Loh Liang in search of this prehistoric beast. Spend the afternoon snorkelling the crystal clear waters of the National Park, exploring the famous reefs teeming with marine life. Don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for dolphins and whales.



Day 6: Rinca Island

Explore and experience the diverse wildlife of Rinca Island in search of the Komodo Dragons, monkeys, deer and wild buffalo that inhabit this beautiful sanctuary. Soak up the spectacular scenery from the top of the island before relaxing in the evening with a private barbeque on the beach underneath a star filled sky.



Day 7: Marina (Kawthaung)

Savour a final swim in paradise before a short cruise to the harbour of Labunhanbajo in West Flores. Step off the yacht and take the memories of a lifetime with you.


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