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Day 1: Marina (Labuanbajo), Flores

Begin the trip of a lifetime in Flores where you will witness a fascinating ancient ritual whip fight, known as a Caci, by the local Manggarai people. Relax and quickly ease into life onboard as you cruise towards the National Park.


Day 2: Komodo Island

Anchoring off Komodo Island, step ashore to encounter the world-famous Komodo Dragon for yourself as you hike through the forests of the National Park in search of this prehistoric beast. Famous for its impressive underwater world, enjoy a refreshing swim and spectacular snorkel within the amazing reefs. Soak in the sunset before an overnight cruise of the Sumba Strait.



Day 3: Sumba

Wake up in the beautiful harbour of Waingapu and pay visit to several important traditional villages, rich in culture and ancient customs. Witness the creation of the famous ‘ikat’ weavings of the region and wander through local markets.



Day 4: Savu

Step into the shoes of Captain Cook as you anchor in the exact spot on Savu that Cook landed in 1770. Soak up the history and culture of the island as you explore the ruins of Bodo, a fortified village of the past, and travel overland to a traditional village to taste the local juice of the lontar palm.


Day 5: Flores

Come ashore at the old port of Ende, the capital of Flores before the 40km trip to the three, brightly coloured crater lakes situated 1690m high on Mount Kelimutu. This natural phenomenon is one of Indonesia’s most unforgettable sights and you can never be sure what colour these amazing lakes will be when you reach the top! Pay visit to a local school in the afternoon before stepping back onboard to continue your adventure.



Day 6: Lamalera

Visit the traditional whale hunting village of Lamalera, where local fishermen in small open sailing boats still practice a primitive form of whaling. Experience the village and watch as the whalers prepare their unique boats along the beach.


Day 7: Lembata

Spend the day visiting authentic villages in the heart of Lembata before cooling off in the afternoon with a swim and spectacular snorkel off the North East Coast of Adonara.


Day 8: Maumere

Discover your final destination, Maumere, where you can come ashore to the village of Watublapi, well known for their fine traditional weaving. The perfect chance for purchasing a final authentic souvenir. Conclude the trip of a lifetime with a farewell dinner onboard.


Day 9: Maumere

Depart your yacht with unforgettable memories to take with you, making the short flight back to Bali.

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