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Day 1: Serengar Harbour, Bali
Join your yacht in Bali before setting sail for Lombok. Ease yourself into the wonders of Thailand with a visit to the beautiful Mentigi Bay, the perfect setting for some snorkeling, with colourful coral and an array of sea life. An overnight cruise will take you to your next destination of Keremet Island in the Sumbawa Strait.



Day 2: Keremat Island
The exquisite deserted Keremet Island is the epitome of tropical paradise with sandy beaches and more incredible diving through coral gardens and reefs. By contrast, your afternoon will see a visit to Pulau Bungin, the world’s most populated island, inhabited by fishing families with resident numbers growing by the day! An evening cruise will take you to your next destination of Pulau Satonda.



Day 3: Pulau Satonda
Known as a ‘caldera’, or collapsed volcano, at some point in the past Pulau Satonda was filled up by the waves of a tsunami and the centre of the island is home to a large marine lake which can be reached by a gentle hike. Enjoy a swim in the lakes waters before another swim or snorkel at one of the island’s white sand beaches. Afternoon cruising will take you to Sumbawa, where you can see the impressive sight of thousands of bats foraging for food.



Day 4: Wera, Sumbawa
Visit the tiny traditional seafarers village of Wera where you can see for yourself how the traditional Indonesian ‘Phisi’ boats are built. The perfect opportunity for purchasing an authentic souvenir, Wera’s women are known for making distinctive woven fabrics. Your afternoon will cruise will take you past a live volcano, Sangean Api, with fresh lava still flowing down its side, before arriving at the island of Komodo, where you can enjoy a snorkel at Gili Lawar Laut.



Day 5: Rinca, via Manta Alley
On the rising tide, enjoy an incredible drift snorkel through Manta Alley, past coral and Manta Ray’s swimming against the tide. Enjoy other snorkel destinations within the area before cruising to Rinca Island.



Day 6: Rinca Island
Encounter the world-famous Komodo Dragon for yourself as you hike through the tropical forests of Rinca Island in search of this prehistoric beast. Spend the afternoon at Pink Beach, named for its pink sand that is the result of pink coral mixed with white sand. This beautiful beach is known as an underwater paradise and provides yet more snorkeling highlights with thousands of tropical fish swarming around you.



Day 7: Kenawa and Sabayor Besar
Yet more white sand beaches and underwater coral reefs define the islands of Kenawa and Sabayor Besar, making them perfect for a memorable day under the sea. Begin your cruise back to Bali in the evening.



Day 8: Pulau Moyo
Enjoy a short hike to one of the beautiful waterfalls on Moyo, where you can jump, swim or dive to cool off. More reefs are on offer for afternoon diving, including the Angel Reef, which boasts sealife including pelagic fish and reef sharks. An evening cruise will take you to the island of Lombok… back to civilisation!



Day 9: Lombok
Choose to visit one of the three Gilis – Gili Meno, Air and Trawangan – for your choice of activity. These three idyllic atolls offer plenty of sandy beaches, shopping opportunities and more.



Day 10: Serengar Harbour, Bali
Take to the water for a final memorable dive off the waters of Gili Meno, before making your way back to the marina where you will bid farewell to your yacht with memories to last a lifetime.

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