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Day 1: Marina (Ambon)

Spend an exciting day exploring the vibrant city of Ambon, rich in atmosphere and history. Visit the lively markets for a chance to purchase the wonderful local produce and authentic crafts and roam the remains of historic forts. Settle into life onboard as you cruise towards the Banda archipelago.


Day 2: Ai

Meet with local villagers as you experience the beautiful island of Ai and discover the historical past of the area as you explore Fort Revenge and the surrounding plantations, with a short hike. Ai boasts one of the most stunning reefs of the region where you can enjoy a snorkel in the underwater paradise. Relax for a peaceful evening as you anchor in the lagoon.


Day 3: Gunang Api 

Embrace the challenge of an early ascent up the Gunang Api, ‘Fire Mountain’ volcano, to be rewarded with unbelievable views over these remarkable surroundings. Visit Lonther, the largest island in the chain where you can pay visit to a local fort, estate and nutmeg plantation. Your afternoon cruise takes you back towards the island of Ambon, escorted at point by long ancient ‘Kora-Kora’ sea canoes.


Day 4: Ambon Island

Early navigators were drawn to the Bight of Hitu on Ambon island, where you can spend the morning exploring. Enjoy the beautiful beaches or snorkel in the brilliant waters of surrounding islands in the National Reserve.



Day 5: Kelang Island

Trek the tropical rainforests of Kelang Island and discover local villages on your way to the peak of the island for breathtaking views of these vast surroundings, surrounded by rich wildlife. A chance to explore the impressive coral reefs, enjoy a swim or relax on the beach.


Day 6: Boano Island

Marvel at the outstanding landscape of Boano Island as you arrive to the impressive backdrop of towering cliffs and bright white beaches. Take a tender along the coast to discover fishing villages along this outstanding stretch of shoreline.


Day 7: Obi

Adventure through the jungle thick island of Obi to discover inland lakes and explore the dense mangrove and rainforest. Pay visit to a remote settlement or simply relax on your own paradise islet before an evening barbeque on the beach, under the starry sky.



Day 8: Doworalamo Island & Bacan Island

Wake up off Doworalamo Island to enjoy an idle morning of beachcombing or snorkelling the iridescent waters. Spend a contrasting afternoon on Bacan Island where you can visit the main town and ramble around a historic Portuguese fort.


Day 9: Bacan Island

Embrace an early morning hike through the local rainforests in search of native and mysterious wildlife, with the afternoon offering a great chance for some spectacular snorkelling and diving stops.


Day 10: Muari Island

The beautiful Muari Island provides the perfect opportunity for either a snorkel or gentle hike to one of the coastal villages. Cross the equator and cruise into the northern hemisphere to reach the tropical paradise of untouched, picture perfect islands.


Day 11: Tidore

The island of Tidore provides some stunning volcanic scenery as you sail around the coast towards an old town where you can travel overland and visit ancient clove plantations perched high on the slopes of the volcano.



Day 12: Ternate

End your magical trip in the old city of Ternate, the former historic centre of the spice trade, rich in diversity and culture. Visit the Sultan’s palace and the discover the history of Ternate, with a chance to attend local court dances.


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