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22nd May 2024

How to Plan the Perfect Yacht Wedding in Singapore

A wedding at sea, onboard a luxury yacht, has to be one of the most romantic ways to get hitched that mankind has ever devised. However, the logistics of planning a wedding on a floating palace can be a little off-putting, especially if you have never chartered as much as a sailing dinghy in the past. But never fear because we are here to help. If you have your heart set on a yacht wedding in Singapore but have no idea how to start planning it or where to charter a suitable vessel, you will find all the information you seek in today’s blog post. We’re going to explore the topic of yacht weddings in detail, discussing every factor you need to consider when planning your floating nuptials and sharing our top tips with you along the way.



Before we dive into the details of how to plan a yacht wedding in this part of the world, let’s spend a few minutes considering why you might want to have a wedding at sea in the first place. Perhaps some readers are still not convinced this is the right choice for them and are conducting more research before coming to a decision.

  • Perfect Location – Of all the places a wedding could be held, onboard a luxury yacht sailing in tropical waters has to be the best location possible. As far as most people are concerned, it’s nothing short of perfect with sun, sea, first-class catering, stunning scenery and a cooling breeze, all combining to produce a once-in-a-lifetime experience, an unforgettable memory that will always be treasured. A wedding at sea is an appealing option for couples across the globe, but nowhere more so than here in Singapore, where the difficulty of booking premium venues and the fantastic coastal weather patterns make such a choice extremely inviting.
  • Convenience – When you charter a yacht to host your wedding ceremony and celebrations, all your other problems simply melt away. With a luxury yacht comes first-class catering, a fantastic selection of live and recorded music options and an experienced bar team to ensure your guests are kept happy throughout the event. Instead of liaising with multiple service providers when organising your wedding, you will only have to deal with one. The same people who provide the yacht will be able to arrange the catering, bar team and music for you and your betrothed. Depending on which company you choose to charter your yacht from, you may find they can arrange for a suitably qualified celebrant to be onboard too.
  • Flexibility – If you have your wedding at a traditional venue, such as a 5-star hotel or a local hall with catering and music facilities, you won’t have any room to manoeuvre if the weather on your big day is not as nice as you’d hoped. If, on the other hand, you are having a yacht wedding, you may be able to change the location at the last minute, to avoid poor weather. No other venue comes close to a luxury yacht as far as flexibility is concerned.
  • Unique Life Experience – If you get married on a yacht, it is an experience you will never forget, one that is sure to be unique in your life. You will remember your wedding day for the rest of your life no matter where the ceremony and celebrations are held but if they take place on a yacht, it will stand out as an island of uniqueness in a sea of similarity.

If you have now decided to go ahead with your plan to wed at sea in Singapore, we invite you to continue reading below as we discuss all the factors you should consider when making your plans.




In our experience, all of the following factors need to be considered when planning a wedding at sea, whether here in Singapore or anywhere else in the world. By going through this list conscientiously, you’ll be able to make sure you choose the right vessel and avoid unnecessary issues.


  • Numbers – The number of guests you would like to invite to your wedding will play a big part in determining what sort of vessel should be hired, making it one of the most important factors to consider. If you only want a few close friends and relatives to attend, a smaller yacht may be adequate for your needs. On the other hand, if you’re hoping to have hundreds of friends and family in attendance, you’ll want to focus your attention on the megayachts for charter in this part of the world. For larger events, we recommend making all the arrangements well in advance, to ensure there is time for all necessary safety measures to be organised.


  • Wedding Theme – If you are having a themed wedding, such as a surf wedding, with all the guests coming in swimwear, a yacht with a swimming pool onboard would be an excellent choice. If you are planning a James Bond-themed wedding, a vessel with a mini-casino would be perfect. Your wedding theme may inform your choice of yacht so it’s something to consider earlier rather than later. Many couples feel no need to have a specific theme when they are holding their wedding at sea, but there are no hard and fast rules in this respect: you can choose any theme you desire. If you would like to know what sort of themes are possible, feel free to message us.


  • Time of Year – The date of your wedding will be of great importance if you are planning a wedding at sea. Depending on the time of year, the weather conditions on the day may cause one or more issues that need to be dealt with. If thunderstorms are expected, a vessel with suitable cover for your guests will be required, and an informal dress code may be appropriate. If the weather is expected to be very hot and humid, you may wish to hire a megayacht with a large, air-conditioned cabin area to hold your ceremony and celebrations. In some cases, it may be easier and more cost-effective to move the date of your wedding.


  • Time of Day – The time of day when your wedding is due to take place could be just as important as the time of year you are planning to marry. You don’t want your guests to be dazzled by the glare of the midday sun on the water; on the other hand, you’ll probably rather avoid an early morning trip if possible. Most couples choose either mid-morning or late afternoon/early evening as the best time to have their ceremony and celebrations at sea. If you are planning a small, intimate wedding with a particularly romantic theme, any time after the sun has set is sure to be a great time. The great thing about weddings at sea is you normally have a degree of flexibility as far as the timing of your ceremony is concerned, which makes it easier to adapt if conditions require it.


  • Type of Ceremony – If you are having a conventional ceremony, you may not need to spend much time thinking about the logistics of having it at sea. However, if you have chosen an elaborate or unusual type of wedding ceremony that requires a specific type of space, this will have to be taken into account when organising your yacht charter. Larger yachts have obvious advantages when it comes to expansive religious ceremonies but you may need to search for a specific type of vessel for less mainstream wedding ceremonies and celebrations.


  • Catering Preferences – Some charter yachts come with Michelin-starred chefs, while others are available as partly-crewed or uncrewed vessels, with no more than a skeleton kitchen staff at most. For a wedding at sea, a fully crewed yacht with a first-class chef is a necessity in our opinion. If you have any unique culinary requests, such as a medieval feast for your wedding breakfast, these may require a vessel with a certain type of kitchen.

There may be other factors you need to consider, which are unique to your situation. If, for instance, you are determined to have your dog act as one of your bridesmaids, or you have a nonagenarian grandmother who must attend your wedding, suitable provisions may need to be discussed with the yacht charter company.



If you are planning to get married in Singapore and would like to have your wedding on a yacht, please do not hesitate to WhatsApp or email us. We are a well-established yacht charter company with a team of organisers who specialise in customer satisfaction. It will be our distinct pleasure to help you arrange the perfect yacht wedding in Singapore. Many others before you have used Simpson Yacht Services in Singapore, and none have had cause for disappointment.

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