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18th January 2023

How to Make the Most of Your Yacht Charter Experience

At Simpson Yacht Charter, we know that no matter how exciting it might be to plan your yacht charter, the sheer choice can often be a little overwhelming. In a world with endless possibilities, knowing what you want to get out of your chartered yacht experience is essential, so where do you begin? 

Throughout this article, we will share tips and tricks to maximise your vacation time on a yacht charter.  Chartering a private yacht allows you and your loved ones to have the exact experience you desire, but there are some essential things to consider before booking. If you follow this advice, you will have the time of your life.

Planning and Communication are Key

With an abundance of destinations, activities, facilities, and yachts to choose from, it is crucial to pick the one that is right for you. Be sure to talk with your chartered yacht provider to plan the perfect holiday. 

It is best to be specific about what you want so that all arrangements can be made prior to your trip to avoid disappointment. For example, suppose there is a destination you wish to explore or onboard facilities you would particularly enjoy. In that case, it can be prepared to perfection by the dedicated crew on board your chartered yacht.

Make the Most of Your Very Own Private Chef

One of the best ways to make the most of your time onboard your yacht charter is to indulge in a personalised and luxurious dining experience every day. Your onboard chef will be there to facilitate all of your dining requirements; whether it is canapes at sunset, a casual alfresco lunch, or a superb twelve-course evening meal, you will be catered for. 

Be sure to let your chef know in advance if there are any dietary requirements or specific foods you wish to have. Your chef will be highly experienced and able to source anything you want. For example, if you are craving Gambaro Rosso, bluefin tuna, or wagyu beef, make sure your chef is aware so that it can be flown in before your departure.

Take Advantage of the Onboard Facilities

A huge tip for making the most of your time on the water during a yacht charter is to use all the facilities onboard. Your crew will talk you through everything at your disposal, so give it a go. You can spend your days enjoying the toys that your chartered yacht boasts; from jet skis to submarines, chartered yachts can come packed with a treasure trove of endless fun. 

The facilities don’t end at water sports either. For ultimate relaxation, your chartered yacht can come with gyms, spas, yoga instructors, dive instructors, masseuses, hairdressers, or world-class bartenders. 

Relax in your jacuzzi whilst being served your favourite cocktails, or start your day with a workout in your fully equipped gym. Whatever your chosen chartered yacht comes with, make sure you enjoy it all.

Explore Your Destination and Plan with Your Captain

Wherever you have chosen to charter a yacht, be sure to explore your surroundings. Your crew will be happy to plan any excursion you request. It might be hard to take yourself away from the luxurious amenities of your chartered yacht, but it will be worth it. Whatever takes your fancy, be sure to communicate it with your crew and captain. You can take a coastal tour on your tender or delve into the bustling streets; your crew will have the knowledge and experience to plan it perfectly. 

Remember that your captain will know the best routes and destinations, so listen to their expert advice. If there is a destination a little further afield, your captain can plan the journey while you sleep, meaning that you can make the absolute most of your time onboard your chartered yacht. 

Relax and Don’t Try to Do It All

Don’t worry about missing out. Often there is too much to do, so take your time to decide what is on the top of that list. Trying to fit everything in can leave you exhausted or even with sour memories. This is the holiday of a lifetime, so make sure you enjoy it and relax. Too many excursions can mean neglecting what is on the yacht, so ensure a healthy balance. 

It is also important to disconnect yourself from the outside world while on your yacht charter, so turn off your devices and embrace the glorious surroundings. Your crew are there to give you the best possible time, so take in the most beautiful sunsets while basking in the facilities of your own private hotel. 

If You’re Travelling with Family, Consider a Nanny

While your crew will be great with children, it is often best to bring a nanny if you bring your whole family onto your chartered yacht. Doing this will mean you can take full advantage of the facilities onboard, enjoy some drinks, or maybe have a romantic excursion. 

Your children will also have a great time having a familiar face to look after them while the expert crew can take them on day trips, coach them on water sports, or set up the onboard cinema. Bringing a nanny is the perfect way for everyone to maximise the time onboard your chartered yacht.

Sensible Packing

Finally, remember to pack sensibly. Note the activities, excursions, dining, and facilities you have opted for on your chartered yacht holiday and remember to bring the proper attire. Try to pack only a little too, and bring clothes that have multi-functions. One important thing to remember is that even in the warmest destinations, the sea breeze can be cool at some points throughout the day, so bring a jacket.

Talk with us to See What We Can Offer

It might seem like a lot to take in when planning your chartered yacht holiday, so why not talk to the expert team at Simpson Yacht Charter, who will be able to listen to your enquiries and requests and do the hard work for you? Get in touch to discuss your yacht charter, today and we can guide you gently through the available options to suit any and all of your needs. 

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