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26th April 2022

How To Make The Most Of Your Hong Kong Yacht Charter Vacation

Hong Kong is just as exciting and satisfying for fans of the open water and coastal attractions as other popular destinations in South-East Asia.

A yacht charter around Hong Kong provides many opportunities to discover the unrivalled natural splendour that is hidden away in the over 260 offshore islands in this territory of the South China Sea. Many of the islands are uninhabited but feature gorgeous sandy white beaches and fantastic hiking trails. Given the high number of possible destinations, you may struggle to decide if you want to go out on a day trip or even take a weeklong vacation just exploring these islands.

If you plan to make sailing these waters a part of your vacation, here are a few things you can do to make your trip all the more enjoyable and memorable.

Plan an Itinerary


Aquila 36 in Hong Kong

This is especially important if you intend to spend a limited amount of time touring the islands. Get recommendations from your charter company to identify must-visit sites based on the time you have and your interests.

For instance, those that are cultural tourists will likely appreciate a visit to islands like Peng Chau that still retain time-worn temples like Tin Hau and Lung Mo. Marine life enthusiasts will likely want to prioritise a trip to Sai Kung Geopark and further north or the Soko Islands where they can catch a glimpse of Chinese white dolphins and porpoises.

Choose The Right Yacht


Sanlorenzo SL78

There are various options when you want to charter a vessel, including sailboats, catamarans, motorboats, and superyachts. You need to ensure that you choose a boat that suits your charter requirements. You may also need to factor in weather conditions, the locations you intend to visit and for how long. The vessel should be able to cope with these conditions and afford you and your guests’ best comfort.

It should also be able to accommodate whatever activities you want to enjoy. If you like to sunbathe on board, want to fish, or socialise with your guests, a boat with a spacious deck is necessary. For those that intend to anchor in shallow waters and protected bays so they can explore further inland, a vessel with a shallow draught, like a catamaran, is ideal.

Crewed Charter Only


Sanlorenzo SL78

In Hong Kong, all charter yachts require a Hong Kong licenced captain that usually works on a given yacht full time together with its permanent crew. This will ensure that the vessel you choose is properly handled, no matter the weather conditions. The crew will also take care of all your needs so you can focus on the beauty around you and all the fun you going to have on the trip. This will make for a far more relaxed and enjoyable vacation experience for you and your guests.

Pack Wisely


When going on a charter vacation, especially the most popular in Hong Kong daily charter, it is smart to pack lightly or just what is needed. Remember that as concerns footwear, the rule is boat shoes on deck and bare feet below. Most people go out on the sea to enjoy some fun in the sun, so be sure to pack appropriate sunbathing or swimming costumes. If you intend to go ashore to try a restaurant, hiking or do other exploration, then also carry appropriate attire for this.

Layers are your friend, especially if you intend to make it an overnight or otherwise lengthier trip. The wind can get quite cool, even in the summer, so be sure to include a jacket or warm shawl for when it gets chilly. Ask about weather conditions and review your itinerary to know if you should add anything more.

Have Childcare


Happy Family in Charter Yacht

Many families or groups that go on charter vacations will have children amongst their number. While older kids can likely be easily entertained by the crew or figure out how to keep themselves busy, younger children need more supervision and care. It is important to ensure that you have adequate childcare in place in such situations. It is advisable to have a nanny that can devote her time to caring for the child when you cannot.

Having dedicated childcare will leave you freer to enjoy more of your vacation time without worrying about the safety of your child. Ensure that you notify the charter company that you intend to bring along a nanny so there is adequate cabin space for the additional personnel.

Talk Diet


If you intend to hire a crewed yacht, then a chef will certainly be part of the team catering to your needs. It is a good idea to discuss what kind of preferences you may have for the menu and any possible food allergies. The chef can likely plan a personalised menu and will ensure the kitchen and fridges are stocked with your preference of food and drink items.

Remember that he or she will not be able to run to the store to get what you want while on the water so sharing this information ahead of time will work best in ensuring they are prepared even before you set sail. Your charter company can manage this all for you.

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