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17th October 2022

How Much Should You Tip On A Superyacht Charter

The question of how much you should tip the crew on a superyacht charter is not always clear, with different answers coming from different references you use, or whomever you ask. In this short blog we hope to answer this sometimes-awkward question, so you have a rough idea of how much to tip and, just as importantly, who to tip.

Tipping the crew of any yacht charter is customary and is usually paid at the end of a vacation.

The Amount

Using a variety of sources for reference, the amount of gratuity ranges from around 5%-15% of the basic charter fee. This applies whether you are taking a small yacht charter on a short trip or a superyacht charter from Port Dickson in Malaysia. The precise percentage can vary from location to location, with tips in Europe being at the lower end of the scale with the US and Caribbean tending to be nearer the top. For detailed information regarding gratuity amounts for superyacht charters in Asia, please seek the advice of your charter broker.

Who Do I Pay The Tip To?

As a guest on a superyacht charter, you certainly won’t be expected to tip each crew member individually. It is customary to pool the whole gratuity together and present it to the Captain before disembarkation, and he will distribute it to the crew on your behalf. It should be noted that the crew works 16-18 hours each to ensure your safety and comfort so if you’d like to give more than the recommended percentage this will always be appreciated. It’s also worth remembering that your tip is distributed to all the crew, even the ones you don’t see.

Can I Also Pay Crew Members An Individual Tip?

Although you may have identified a crew member that you think deserves an additional tip for their efforts this is not common practice. The crew works as a tight-knit team and ultimately works together so if you want to add an additional amount, include it with your gratuity at the end of your vacation.

Who Gets The Tips?

As previously mentioned, a superyacht crew is a tight-knit team that works together the ensure that everything runs like clockwork. No single role is more important than another and each one is an essential cog in a well-oiled machine. At the top of the tree is the Captain (the one with four gold stripes) – his word is final and ultimately bears overall responsibility for every single facet of the yacht and its passengers.

Please see below for a list of people who share your gratuity:

  • The Chef – The role of the chef is amongst the most important roles on a superyacht charter. With years of experience in providing gourmet cuisine, he is the one person whose role onboard could not be covered by another crew member.
  • Kitchen & Service Staff – Working with the chef, the kitchen and service staff work hard to ensure your dining experiences onboard are a highlight of your vacation,
  • Deck Crew – Under the command of the first officer (second in command to the Captain) the deck crew is responsible for running the tenders and working the dock lines. The deck crew are possibly the most versatile members of the crew and can often be seen doubling up as stewards, waiters, and even jet ski operators. The deck crew are often the people you speak to if you need anything, they usually have walkie-talkies to communicate with crew in other areas of the yacht.
  • Interior Crew – The interior crew are also a very versatile team whose roles may include housekeeping, stewarding, and basically anything else you can think of!
  • Engineers – The engineers are the team that literally keeps the ‘show on the road.’ They spend most of the day and night below deck to ensure the yacht engines and ancillary systems are running as they should and fix any mechanical issues.

Although several roles onboard a superyacht are interchangeable depending on necessity, the whole crew essentially works as a team and should therefore take a well-deserved share of gratuities from guests.

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