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23rd October 2014

Getting ready for yacht charter

maintOne of the very important jobs that we should all do to keep our yachts in top condition is to anti-foul them every year. Best done at the end or very beginning of the season, it is essential for giving your yacht the best protection against fouling. If not then fouling can start to destroy the surface of your hull, which can cause you untold problems such as;

  • A decrease in your yachts overall performance, therefore increasing your fuel usage and becoming more expensive.
  • It can cause damage to your propellers, and block essential inlets, such as for water and air.
  • The structure of your hull can be damaged by the marine growth entering its infrastructure.

The best protection you can give your yacht is to use anti-fouling paint annually. This specialist paint contains a formula of organic compounds and bioactive ingredients which will repel and slow the growth of the marine organisms that attach to your yachts hull causing the damage.

It is a fairly unpleasant job! and needs to be applied to the yachts hull when it is out of the water, after the hull has been checked for any damage, sanded and made ready for the anti-fouling paint. You may also need to apply more than one coat, depending on the type of paint bought and the manufacturers recommendations.

One thing is for sure though, once done, you know you can enjoy the wonderful sailing in Thailand on your yacht charter, relaxed in the knowledge that you have applied the best protection to your yacht!




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