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8th March 2021

Fun on the water with a Superyacht Charter

Live the ultimate experience on board with the best of superyacht toys and tenders.

There is no doubt that a charter yacht vacation is the ultimate experience for adrenaline junkies and watersports enthusiasts, with ample options to enjoy spending time on the seas. After cruising the crystal blue waters of the Asia Pacific, what better way to round off the day than diving in to explore a mesmerising underwater world, crashing through waves on a high-powered jet ski, or taking a helicopter flight to see the sunset over the islands from a truly unique point of view. Whether you’re an experienced scuba diver, a thrill seeker who thrives off adventure, or someone who craves the serenity of drifting atop a calm, glittering sea, a superyacht charter will provide a collection of toys and equipment to satisfy all your desires!

As well as a great way to leave the mother ship and explore shallow waters or slip into narrow coves, a luxury yacht tender can be enjoyable in its own right as the base point for many activities. Your charter superyacht will usually carry several types of tender and thrill seekers will love towables – a perfect option for yachts of all sizes and especially popular with family groups. Make the most of your yacht’s tender to enjoy water-skiing, wakeboarding and inflatables including sea biscuits, banana boats and tow tubes.

Giant custom inflatable slides are hugely popular with adults and children alike, providing an unbeatable entrance into the water with slides stretching from the upper deck down into the sea. Other onboard inflatable options include blow up climbing walls to position up the side of your yacht, water trampolines and swimming pools or even giant zorbs that allow you to
literally walk on water. Stand up paddle boards are a must-have and perfect for both exploring and exercise, with guests able to enjoy the serenity of their surroundings while slipping noiselessly through the water on their private board. Able to lightly pull swimmers of all levels through the water, Seabobs, scooters and SeaDoos are the perfect way to enjoy warm waters, enjoying the exhilarating sensation of cutting quickly through and under the waves.

It’s true that more is known about the surface of the moon than the ocean floor, but beneath blue waters lies an intriguing and untouched world of aquatic volcanoes, intricate coral gardens, submerged ships and fascinating creatures. Your yacht will carry snorkelling and scuba gear to take you under the water, or why not take a glass bottomed kayak to enjoy the colours of a coral reef with the sun still warm on your back. If you’re looking for a truly out of this world experience, U-Boat Worx submarines are an exceptional way to explore below the waves – built with comfort in mind, the ample space and ultra-clear materials ensure that everyone can enjoy a 360° view of the world under the ocean. Imagine gliding across the sea bed, surrounded by shoals of colourful fish that seem close enough to touch, whilst sitting in a comfortable seat with a glass of bubbly in hand. This may sound like the stuff of fantasies but the Super Yacht Sub series makes luxury submarine exploration a reality. For a thrilling ride try out the HiPer sub series – with 70% less drag and six powerful thrusters these light weight subs have hydrobatic capability for the ultimate underwater ride.

If sailing across, speeding through and diving under the water still haven’t satisfied your thirst for adventure, then take to the skies. For a fishing trip with a twist take a seaplane out to a quiet spot and cast your lines off the floats, or fly to a deserted beach to enjoy a picnic or bottle of wine, then fly back to your yacht as the sun sets above the waters. For superyacht clients, add the finishing touch to your vacation by having your guests arrive by helicopter, or transported to onshore parties in style – many of the Simpson Marine superyacht fleet have ample deck space or a designated helipad.

As well as an incredible means of transport, helicopters offer sight-seeing at its very best. Explore lush islands, towering cliffs and dramatic waterfalls from a truly unique perspective, or soar over oceans to spot whales and other pelagic sea life.

No matter what your favourite water toy or size of yacht you can be sure that the Simpson charter fleet has plenty on offer to keep even the busiest guests occupied during their time on the water. Dive in and enjoy, the sea is your playground.

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