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12th May 2015

Fancy owning your own Catamaran in Thailand?


Have you ever thought how amazing it would be to have your very own catamaran in Thailand? Well that really is a possibility if you look at a yacht management scheme in order to help you fund the purchase of your own Catamaran in Thailand. Not only is it a fabulous lifestyle choice to make, it can also be a wise investment financially too.


Why Thailand?

Owning a catamaran in Thailand really could be a good idea as Thailand has become one of the world’s most popular choices for a catamaran charter holiday, probably due to the many spectacular sights and stunning beaches in this beautiful sailing area. From Phang Nga Bay and Krabi with their amazing limestone rock formations to the spectacular stunning white sandy beach and azure seas of the Phi-Phi Islands, giving you access to amazing snorkelling too.


Why buy your own Catamaran?

So the cruising areas around Phuket and Thailand have created such a positive and thriving yacht charter industry, that investing in yacht ownership and having your own catamaran placed with a yacht management company, such as Simpson yacht charter, means that you can enjoy the income earned on your catamaran when you aren’t using it yourself.


How does a yacht management scheme work?

Quite often a yacht management scheme, works by offsetting the operating costs of your catamaran against the income earned on it by chartering it out to other sailors. So it is an ideal situation if you want to own your own catamaran in Thailand, as you can holiday aboard your own catamaran, and leave the maintenance and managing of other bookings on it to your yacht management company to deal with.


Why we love Catamarans!

Catamarans will always be a popular choice for sailors looking for a yacht bareboat holidays as they are such a comfortable and spacious yacht to holiday on, with spacious living areas and bedrooms, and lots of room on deck for the family to be out enjoying the stunning scenery of Thailand.

They are also a good choice in this area of the world, as with their shallow drafts it makes them more manoeuvrable and giving you better access to many of the beaches and anchorages.


There are many other benefits for investing in yacht charter in Thailand, and placing your catamaran with a yacht charter company, such as Simpson Yacht Charter, includes;

  • A stress-free yacht ownership – so you own the boat, but not the stress that goes with it, like yacht maintenance, cleaning, out of season care programmes etc…
  • Knowing that you have guaranteed revenue for the times that you are not using your yacht.
  • You also can negotiate the freedom to use your yacht when you want to!
  • Another bonus is that you don’t have to manage the charters that are on board your catamaran, the charter company will do all the preparation, communication and paperwork relating to the charters booked on your yacht, and report back to you, normally monthly, of the status of your charter bookings.
  • All the promotion and advertising and sales of your catamaran for charter bookings is taken care of for you.
  • Relax knowing that the bookings on your yacht will be given an excellent turnaround service at the beginning and the end of each charter, which will include a full briefing before they head out on charter, safety and operational notes, all contributes to the charterers taking responsibility and looking after your boat on their charter holiday.
  • You also have have the comfort and reassurance of knowing that you have a reliable operator backing you up and looking after your yacht on a day to day basis on the ground, whereas perhaps you are unable to have that control from far away.


So why not make your dream a reality and have your very own Catamaran in Thailand!


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