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26th June 2023

Explore Lamma Island in Hong Kong on a Yachting Geo Tour

Simpson Yacht Charter invites you to embark on an extraordinary journey to explore the captivating beauty of Lamma Island in Hong Kong. Uncover the hidden gems of this enchanting island with our specially curated Geo Tour Guide, available exclusively for our clients. While many have visited Lamma Island, few have truly delved into its geological wonders.

Lamma Island, renowned for its picturesque landscapes, vibrant culture, and stunning beaches, holds a fascinating geological history that often goes unnoticed. With our specialist Geo Tour Guide, we will shed light on the island’s remarkable geological features, enabling you to appreciate the natural wonders that lie beneath its surface.



The Sanlorenzo SL78 has been thoughtfully selected to provide the perfect platform for this unique journey. The luxurious interiors, spacious decks, and panoramic views of these yachts ensure a comfortable and immersive experience as we navigate the waters around Lamma Island.

Led by your knowledgeable Geo Tour Guide, you will embark on a journey of discovery, exploring Lamma Island’s diverse geological formations and significant landmarks. From the majestic rock formations at Sok Kwu Wan to the intriguing tidal caves of Yung Shue Ha, each stop on the tour will unveil a new facet of Lamma Island’s geological heritage.

At Simpson Yacht Charter, we strive to deliver exceptional experiences that go beyond the ordinary. This special tour offers a unique opportunity to connect with Lamma Island on a deeper level, fostering an appreciation for its geological heritage and the intricate relationship between nature and mankind.

Book your charter at and prepare to be mesmerised by the untouched beauty and geological richness of Lamma Island.

Let Simpson Yacht Charter be your guide to a unique and unforgettable exploration of this much-loved Hong Kong destination.


Sanlorenzo SL78

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