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16th May 2016

Explore & when chartering a yacht


As well as enjoying chartering a yacht in the crystal clear waters surrounding Phuket, you are bound to want to go overboard for some inland experiences too. But when you are away from the safety of your luxury yacht – what is the best way to get about on land?

phuket-motorbikeA popular method chosen by many a traveller is the motorbike. Not for the faint of heart, and certainly not the most safe form of transport, but a motorbike is a fun and cheap way to get around. It’s the law now to wear a helmet and from a safety perspective it should be essential anyway.  They are also easy to park. The Phuket roads are notoriously tricky, and if there are rules, not many people take much notice of them! The adrenaline of the warm breeze on your skin whilst riding around the bustling streets must be why it is such a popular choice. Make sure your insurance covers this kind of activity before you travel if it is something you aim to do as despite what vendors tell you it is probably not included.

bike in phuketDepending on where you moor your yacht, walking may be an option on the West side of the island in the Patong area. Don’t assume you will want to do any long walks, the weather is way too hot at all times of the day.

If you fancy going further afield but aren’t quite confident enough or the bike, you could also hire a car. There are lots of different car hire companies servicing traveller’s needs in Phuket. You can rent a car for half a day, a full day, or over a few days as you need. This is a great way to explore places a bit more off the beaten path inland and to get away from the tourist trap areas. You will obviously still be using the roads – which as described above can take some getting used to! The roads are busy in Phuket but it is easy to navigate your way around.

Phuket-transpotationMaybe you want to let someone else do the hard work navigating the roads, taking the wheel. Then you have the option of the taxi or a more traditional TukTuk. These forms of transport will take you wherever you want to go without the hassle of you doing the navigating! TukTuks are great for shorter journeys but can become uncomfortable if you want to go a bit further. One tip is set your destination and agree your price before you set off. There is the GrabTaxi app which can be handy.

Then, if you have some spare time and really want to understand how the locals live, there is the bus. There are two main types in Phuket. The Song Taew which is a blue open air busy which runs as kind of a shuttle service between the main resorts and the town. These buses often destinations written in English wish is very handy for us tourists. Local people and bus drivers will be happy to help you but remember the buses in Phuket are known to be unreliable and stop many times so you could find your day taken up with trying to reach a location.  Then there are the more luxurious ‘micro’ busses that are closed and air conditioned. There are many routes around the province, and so make sure to know where you are going before you get on board.

What-to-do-in-Phuket-attractions-windmill-viewLast but not least there is the motorbike taxi! These are perfect for those short distances, and are available any time of day or night. You can find motorbike taxi stands on most street corners – you can spot them from their red and green vests. Again make sure you negotiate price before jumping on board and make your destination clear!

So as you see, boat is by far the most comfortable, and luxurious way to travel in Phuket – and of course with the best views. But there are a great number of options available to you when you give your sea legs a rest and investigate what the mainland has to offer.

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