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17th September 2015

Don’t miss the Similan Islands

800px-Similan_Islands_BeachOn a Phuket yacht charter, the Similan Islands really are a must see place, these stunning islands are located in the Andaman Sea with some spectacular beaches to enjoy.

The snorkelling and diving are probably one of the main reasons that people visit the Similan Islands on a Phuket yacht charter as the plethora of colourful underwater life that you will see make it such a worthwhile visit.

About the Similan Islands

There are in fact nine islands in Koh Similan, and it is probably one of the best known island groups in the Andaman sea, as well as being counted as one of the best dive sites in the world. Each of the Similan Islands has a number as well as a name and they are all part of the Similan National Park, which is ‘officially’ open to the public from mid-October to mid-May.

Why visit the Similan Islands on your Phuket yacht charter?

[mappress mapid=”6″]The Similans may not have the dramatic scenery with the limestone cliffs that is synonymous with Phang Nga Bay or Krabi, but there is striking scenery to enjoy with the huge boulders perched on hill tops or at the edge of thick forest above gorgeous, often deserted, white sandy beaches. Some of the boulders have been made more accessible with steps and ladders enabling you to climb to the top and enjoy some of the amazing views across the bay.

The Similans’ have become very popular with sailors and more and more people on a Phuket yacht charter are heading to the Similans during the northeast monsoon (November to May) as there are such beautiful anchorages to be found, amazing beaches and forests, not to mention the amazing snorkelling to be had in the clear waters teeming with marine life.

What to do?

What is an activities on Christmas in Phuket?

Christmas in Phuket

Well of course going to the Similan Islands on your Phuket yacht charter, then doing some snorkelling is a definite! The water really is beautifully clear and warm and you will get some fantastic views of the amazing coral formations and brightly coloured fish swimming around. An underwater camera is really a must, as well as remembering some left over bread which means you will be surrounded very quickly by a vast amount of fish, as well as sometimes some sea turtles wanting in on the action!
Exploring these magical islands really is a must, one of the islands has two beaches connected to each other by a path through a forest, one of the beaches is a wide sweeping white sandy bay with crystal clear azure blue seas, but definitely a good idea to get there as early as you can as the beach is popular with tourists. The other beach is fairly rocky, but a good place for some exploring.
Enjoy watching some of the wildlife in it’s natural habitat, such as the crab-eating monkeys, squirrels, bats and lizards, as well as the huge variety of birds.

Top Tips

Don’t forget The Similan Islands are in fact National Park, so expect to pay a national park fee upon visiting. It is also worth pointing out that it is a fair sail across to the Similans around 85 km from Phuket, and it can get quite wavy so if you are susceptible to motion sickness on your Phuket yacht charter, then it’s worth taking some anti-motion sickness pills.

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