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For those in search of a true adventure the pristine, icy waters of the Antarctic – one of the most remote destinations in the world – will have an allure like no other. Make the most of the stunningly beautiful surroundings and explore all that this one-of-a-kind location has to offer, with only icebergs and wildlife for company. A yacht is the perfect way to move around the area and see all the highlights of the Antarctic, also acting as an ideal base for more intimate exploration by either tender or kayak. Enjoy the company of a host of polar wildlife, from colonies of thousands of penguins to seals basking on the ice, marvel at looming glaciers, and visit one of the many research stations for insight for the all-important scientific research being undertaken in the Antarctic. With nearly 24 hours of daylight in many areas and surprisingly warm temperatures, there is a huge amount to see and experience, from cruising through the caldera of an active volcano to sliding down a snow-covered mountain.




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Highlights of a charter in South Pole

  • Have an up-close encounter with a huge variety of polar wildlife in their natural habitat.
  • Cruise to Snow Hill Island in search of a glimpse of the elusive Emperor Penguins
  • Marvel at the sight of colossal icebergs floating through the Weddell Sea.
  • Clamber up a snow-covered hill before sliding your way downwards.
  • Kayak amongst majestic icebergs, paddling silently through the deep, cool waters.
  • Climb a snow-clad hill for sweeping views of the Antarctic Peninsula’s rugged icescape.
  • Visit a bustling penguin rookery and see baby penguins and nesting parents firsthand.
  • Be brave and take a sub-zero polar plunge into the sea.
  • Navigate through “The Gullet” channel and enjoy spectacular views of high mountains and tumbling glaciers.
  • Learn about Antarctic research at one of the region’s scientific research stations.
  • Experience the breath taking sight of whales diving in the water.
  • Set up an overnight camp on the ice with only seals for your neighbours.
  • Visit the volcanic Deception Island and have the unique experience of sailing through the caldera of an active volcano.

View a sample South Pole yacht charter itinerary here for further inspiration.

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