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Until recently Myanmar was only a destination for the most intrepid of travellers. Even now, a yacht charter is the best way to explore this still untouched and unspoiled gem of Southeast Asia as it allows unprecedented access to the highlights of this world-class cruising ground. The Mergui Archipelago, nestled next to the Tenasserrim coastline, is the perfect place to play explorer and find your own private beach amongst the 800 uninhabited islands. A true escape from modern life, you will be sharing the water with just the abundant marine life and the Moken Sea Gypsies who have lived a transient life on these waters for centuries. A charter gives you the opportunity to explore the best-kept secret of Southeast Asia before everyone else catches on.




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Highlights of a charter in Myanmar

  • Explore the virgin rainforest and secluded coves of the hundreds of uninhabited islands of the Mergui Archipelago.
  • Learn of the culture of the Moken sea gypsies, who live a nomadic lifestyle aboard their flotilla of ‘Kabang’.
  • Be the first to find an underwater paradise, with much of the area as yet undiscovered by divers.
  • Relax on the huge sweeping bay of Great Swinton Island, meet friendly locals, or hike up the island’s mountain for spectacular views.
  • Visit Lampi Maine National Park, the only one of its kind in Myanmar. The area is largely unexplored, with a mix of forest, mangrove, dunes and reefs, teeming with over 1000 recorded species including several protected animals such as the Sunda Pangolin, the Dugong and the Loggerhead Turtle.
  • Admire the famous shimmering Pagodas, sacred temples that stretch up towards the sky.

View a sample Myanmar yacht charter itinerary here for further inspiration.

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