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Home to the 3m-long Komodo dragon – the world’s largest living species of lizard – Komodo island is best described as Indonesia’s wild frontier. A rugged mix of rusty-red volcanic hills, dry savanna, lush forest and sandy coastlines, it’s well and truly off the beaten track. Komodo’s dramatic and desert-like terrain is punctuated by pockets of spongey scrubland while its stunning pink sand beaches are a rare and memorable sight.  Komodo’s surrounding waters of seagrass beds, mangrove shrublands and coral reefs make it a fascinating and unmissable yachting destination.  In fact, the only way to explore Komodo’s isolated beauty is by sea.




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Highlights of a charter in Komodo

  • Walk the island for a spot of Komodo-watching. Your (compulsory) guide will be armed with sticks to deter any approaching lizards. You might also come across wild horses, deer, and wild pigs on your travels.
  • Take a stroll or relaxed snorkel at the world-famous Pink Beach, which gets its blushed hue from crushed red coral pushed onto land by soft crystal-clear tides.
  • Visit Taka Makassar and catch a glimpse of large aggregations of mantra rays, attracted by the area’s strong currents.
  • Mingle with locals at Mesa Village and watch as they go about their daily activities such as drying sea cucumbers and processing shellfish.
  • Stop off at the beautiful low-lying Kalong Island where mangrove plantations cover the entire island and thousands of bats hang in clusters from treetops.
  • Go diving at your pick of sites full of thriving underwater life, like Batu Bolong, Castle Rock and Shotgun (for advanced divers) or Sebayur, Kanewa, or Siaba Besar (for beginners).
  • Sail to Padar Island and hike to its peak for an incredible panoramic view of Komodo National Park.
  • Head west of Komodo Island to the Labuan Dokoh peninsula. Largely unpopulated, this area offers an abundance of white sand beaches fringed with pristine coral reefs, stunning blue waters and remarkable views.

View a sample Komodo yacht charter itinerary here for further inspiration.

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