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16th July 2015

8 Phuket Specialities to try on your Phuket bareboat charter


When you are on a Phuket bareboat charter, the Thai food will probably be one of the highlights of your holiday if you love Thai cuisine. Thai food is one of the most popular cuisines in the world, and the emphasis is on lightly prepared dishes with strong aromatic ingredients and a subtle spicy edge. Thai food is made up with many regional differences reflecting the four main regions of the country, but each area has it’s own specific cuisine, so if you are on a Phuket bareboat charter then why not try some of these Phuket specialities;

1. Por Pia


Thai_spring_rollsThis is very popular local dish of fried spring rolls, are crispy pastries that can be stuffed with various delicious fillings, in Phuket it is common to find them stuffed with either pork or shrimps, crispy pork and lettuce, it is often served with a sweet brown sauce made from apricots on top – really delicious!

2. Hokkien Mee


meehoggeanIf you are a noodle fan, then this dish is a must try on your Phuket bareboat charter – big yellow egg noodles stir fried with chinese style pork, squid and chopped vegetables topped with a sambal sauce, and normally a lime for squeezing on top too!

3. Bee Hoon Kra Kook Moo


meehoonkragookmooA bit of a variation to the traditional ‘singapore noodles’ dish – this clear soup is served with dry vermicelli noodles with fried shallots and onions, topped with pork ribs. A very popular choice amongst the locals too, it is very tasty.

4. Kiean


kieanThese deep fried pork sausages are a Phuket tradition, often to be found sold by street vendors, they are delicious when topped with a sweet soy sauce.

5. Kanom Jeen Phuket


kanomjeenThis is a dish often found in all the local eateries on your Phuket bareboat charter, basically you choose the curry of your choice, with whatever vegetables you like, then the dish is served to you atop a bed of rice noodles. Delicious and great for fussier eaters who like to choose exactly what they are having!

6. Homok Talay


homokAn unusual dish which can be very spicy and is great for fish lovers, this is a curried fish mousse, cooked by being steamed in the leaves of a local plant known as Bai Cha-ploo, which is then wrapped in a banana leaf. Often coconut milk is used to thicken the custard.

7. O-Eaw


oeawThis is a great cool down snack, that you can get in restaurants and from the food vendors on the streets – it is a banana jelly served with crushed ice and syrup of your choice glazed on top. When you come ashore from your phuket bareboat charter and fancy a quick cool snack then choose one of these – you will not be disappointed!

8. Tao Sor


taosowFinally another sweet treat, these small cakes are really moreish – one will not be enough, These come stuffed with a variety of ingredients and can be sweet or salty depending on which you choose.

So there are definitely a few dishes there that you must give a try when you are on your Phuket bareboat charter and take advantage of the exotic and delicious Thai cuisine. Visit Phuket Traditional Food Center

Photo By Ruth Hartnup from Vancouver, Canada (Thai spring rolls) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons,,,,,,

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