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14th March 2015

3 Great reasons for do a Langkawi Yacht Charter

LangkawiIf you’ve never sailed in Malaysia before then you should think about doing a Langkawi yacht charter as Malaysia is full of wonderful surprises, from unique unspoiled places and bays, to world class standard marinas. The country has a diverse heritage and great natural beauty by doing a Langkawi yacht charter you would have a holiday to remember!

Diverse History

On a Langkawi yacht charter you will probably want to understand a little bit about the diverse heritage to Malaysia. During the late 18th, early 19th century, Great Britain established colonies throughout the current area of Malaysia, after the areas had been colonised by the Portuguese and Dutch since the 16th Century. During the Second World War, Japan occupied these territories. Then in 1948, the British-ruled territories on the Malay Peninsula formed the Federation of Malaya which then became independent in 1957. Malaysia was then formed in 1963 when other former British colonies ie Sabah and Sarawak on the northern coast of Borneo joined the Federation.

Today Malaysia is an independent nation and is multi-ethnic and multi-cultural which is reflected throughout the country from food to politics. It has a very diverse successful economy which has been traditionally fuelled by its natural resources, but it is expanding year on year in the sectors of tourism, commerce, science and medical tourism.

Fabulous Beaches

One of the best things about a Langkawi Yacht Charter is that you are surrounded by some of the best beaches that Malaysia has to offer!

Visit Pantai Cenang if you like somewhere more lively, this beach has the most to offer if you are looking for action on the beach with a massive choice of watersports activities on offer, great for the evening too with a host of restaurants, bars and live music venues to enjoy.

If you are looking for a more peaceful and quiet location, then Pantai Tengah is a wonderful choice with it’s beautiful white sandy beach.

Pantai Kok is a great stop on your Langkawi yacht charter, as it is home to the Telaga Harbour Park, which is a yachting marina with lots of facilities and amenities. It is a stunning bay with crystal clear turquoise sea surrounded by heavily forested mountains and limestone caves.

Wonderful Food

On a Langkawi yacht charter, you will experience a great diversity of wonderful food. The multi-ethnic population of Malaysia is reflected in its cuisine, by generally being divided into the 3 major ethnic groups. You can enjoy traditional Malay food, Chinese dishes and a wide variety of vegetarian dishes included in the Indian based cuisine. A big part of the Malaysian culture is eating out with friends and family regularly. So you will find many food court in big Malaysian towns and cities. Here you will find ‘hawkers’ who will prepare and cook your food fresh to order. plus this gives you the opportunity to mix and match your food to your taste.

Well known Malaysian dishes include, Nasi Lemak – a delicious side of rice cooked in coconut milk, accompanied by vegetables or meat curries. Beef Rendang is a delicious simmered beef dish, cooked in coconut milk and spices, traditionally served with rice. Malaysian Laska is a well known and popular spicy noodle soup, generally served with fish or prawns. Goreng Pisang is a popular Malay snack of banana fritters. The fritters are deep fried which caramelizes the natural sugars and results in a lovely puffy batter.

So there are plenty of reasons to do a Langkawi Yacht Charter, these are just three of them!


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